Felony DUI

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Felony DUI conviction means prison, loss of license for life​

Oregon has some of the nation's toughest laws for driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII). Not only do first time offenders face serious penalties, including jail time, but those who commit subsequent offenses within a certain time period face even harsher consequences. The increase between second and third conviction is especially harsh. A second conviction for DUII in Oregon is a misdemeanor offense. A third, however, is a felony-level crime.

Many times those who are charged with multiple counts of driving under the influence are dealing with alcohol and substance dependency. The courts will encourage counseling or treatment. That said, the laws are very punitive and can make matters worse. The loss of a license in many areas in the state of Oregon can severely impact a person's ability to maintain employment, much less remain engaged in a treatment program. The stress of unemployment is not conducive to sobriety. 

You call, text or email. Learn what needs to be done. Then do it.

Big grain of salt. Be careful educating yourself from information on web sites. It is all very general, some of it is old and stale, and some is just wrong. Face it. You are going to have to call an attorney. Most good judges will tell you that when you see them in court. So, why not do it now?

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You can expect a very productive 20-minute strategy session over the telephone. Office consultations are available as well. I will tell you everything you might want to know about your circumstance. You have tons of questions, & I have the answers. What could happen to me? Am I going to lose my license? Am I going to Jail? Should I fight my case or take a deal? How long will it take to get through this?

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