Measure 11, Sex Crimes, DUII and Assualt Offense Defense.



I make it easy for my client to get hold of me. My clients have my cell phone number. Direct access. I encourance frequent communication. I want to know how they are holding up so we can factor that into our plan for a best outcome for that client. 


No matter how complex the matter may be, there are many possible outcomes and routes to take. Finding the best route for you is the objective. Once you see all of the options and have time to think them over, we can move toward the outcome that works best for you and meets your priorities. 


You will receive prompt updates on your matter as it proceeds and the new options that become available. You will have direct access to your case file through my practice management software. I try my best to give straight forward explanations and information so we can make critical decisions in a timely manner. 


The first step is sometimes the most difficult.  Get the information you need over the phone before deciding anything. There are so many possible questions because different people have different concerns. I will be as helpful as I can.  


Peter Carini is a Criminal Defense attorney. He has been a pacticing lawyer in Jackson County, Oregon since 1993. Carini has more jury trial experience than most lawyers in Oregon, at over 300. Most of his clients are charged either with a DUII (Drunk Drive), a Sex Crime, or an Assault Crime. These happen to be the most common charges in Jackson County with the exception of Drug Charges.  

Ask and receive

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I make it really easy and cheap to speak with a lawyer for the first time. If you call, I will answer. You will get the info that you seek. You do not have to come in and sit across a desk from me. No appointments and no money for telephone consultations.

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You can expect a very productive telephone conversation when we chat. Office consultations are available on an hourly fee basis.

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