Low Stress


I make it simple and easy. You have my cell phone number. Direct access. No buffers or filters. 


Fixing the problem for the least amount of money is the objective. Once you see all of the options and have time to think them over, you can move toward the outcome that works best for you. 


You will be satisfied. I need you to be satisfied. You will have direct access to your case file through my practice management application. You will get straight forward advice and information. Get educated over the phone before deciding anything.  


Lawyer since 1993. I have over 300 jury trials. The most commonly charged crime in Southern Oregon is DUII. This type case is sometimes defensible.  A DUII case is the most challenging offense (besides a sex abuse/rape case) facing a criminal defense lawyer. I focus on DUII's because it makes me better at it than I would be if I didn't. And, frankly, it makes me me more effective when working on easier criminal offenses. I handle all types of criminal charges but I am known in the local legal community as the DUII guy. 

Ask and receive

I make it easy to speak with a lawyer for the first time. If you call, you will get the info that you seek. You do not have to come to an office. No appointments and no money for telephone consultations.

Shopping Around

You can expect a very productive telephone conversation. Office consultations are available on an hourly fee basis.

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