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If you haven't gone to court yet for your first appearance (your “arraignment”), consider retaining your attorney early. An attorney can track your court dates and appear with you in court, in person. This reduces the risk that the court will issue a warrant for your arrest.

In many jurisdictions it is possible to have your first appearance waived and an order on arraignment entered. Be careful if you do this. While it is convenient to avoid having to spend a few hours in court, it comes with risk. If a court clerk makes an error processing the attorneys paperwork, the usual result is that a warrant for your arrest will be generated and neither you or your lawyer will know about it until you find yourself sitting in a jail cell. So, be careful with that.

As soon as your case begins, your attorney can speak to the judge on your behalf. Generally, your attorney will tell you to say nothing in the courtroom.  If you have been charged with the crime of DUII you will want to appear in court, in person, but the attorney you retain should do the rest. If your lawyer is good, you will be well protected and guided.

If I was arrested, I would get a lawyer to represent me even though I am a lawyer myself, because if a mistake is made my attorney can take the blame and fix the problem much quicker and easier and better than if I was representing myself.

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